Welcome Babies!

Waiting room at Sant'Anna Hospital, the most important Maternal Health hospital in Turin, Italy.

Emiciclo Sant'Anna Hospital

Chen Li, "Benvenuto alla vita" (Welcome babies!) Sant'Anna Hospital, Torino, Italy 2018. 
This is a project Chen Li for "Medicina a misura di Donna Foundation" for the waiting room of Sant'Anna Hospital in Turin. 
Welcome Babies! in 90 languages in the world to welcome mothers and their families, the new babies in Turin. It's a work-in-progress project. The words are handwritten with a brush respecting any country and their culture even in calligraphy. The green colour is because you will find the same palette of colour in this room and because green is the colour of new leaves in spring time, like the new babies.

This is a relational art, because I collect the sentence from the mothers and their families. 



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