logotypes realized by Chen Li using handwriting, calligraphy and logo design. From layout to vector file.

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"Point line to plane"

Graphic design is the other half of my life. Since 2000, after many years working as a freelance art director for creative agencies, advertising agencies, photographers, visual artists, artists, foundations and institutions, bookbinders, publishers, public relation agencies, Multinational companies.

I focused my work on BRANDING. LOGOTYPE is the starting POINT for any communication design, for any company.

way of working


Chen Li Studio designs logotypes and corporate image since 1995 for adv agencies and companies. Alternative lettering, tailored on your requests.


Title sequence for the film "CALL ME BY YOUR NAME"  by Luca Guadagnino


- Corporate Identity
- Logo User's Manual
- Catalogues
- Website
- gadgets
- Packaging
- Invitations
- Posters
- Calendars


We have so many fonts for our work, but if you need a unique sign and mood, please contact me, we can find the way together.


foto dei packaging natalizi in metallo e ceramica con scritte calligrafiche su bianco e su nero

project: restyling logo             
Client: Montagnedoc             
Year: 1998             
Art director: Isaia communication              
Lettering: Chen Li 
Logo guidelines: Chen Li

Lettering for packaging

foto dei packaging natalizi in metallo e ceramica con scritte calligrafiche su bianco e su nero

project: PACKAGING for Christmas             
Client: Vergnano
Anno: 2007
Art director: Lorenzo De Palo 
Lettering: Chen Li
Photography: Enrico Muraro 

Gadgets design: calendars

copertina calendario con trattamento 3d di immagine e lettering

project: CALENDAR                          
Client: Facet             
Year: 2013 
Art director: Chen Li    
Graphic design: Chen Li          
Lettering: Chen Li


copertina di catalogo commerciale arancione con prodotto stilizzato a pennello

project: COMMERCIAL CATALOGS                          
Client: Ilti Luce             
Year: 2005
Art director: Chen Li    
Graphic design: Chen Li          
Illustration: Chen Li


progetto editoriale di monografia coffee table book

project: FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA, 4 books             
Client: Coffee Table Books Publisher
Year: 2007-2015
Art director: Chen Li
Graphic design: Chen Li
Photography: Luigi Vitale

Catalogs: from ideas to printing

progetto editoriale di monografia coffee table book

Client: various                          
Year: 1998-2018             
Art director: Chen Li
Graphic design: Chen Li

Lettering for logo

logo con lettering manoscritto di Chen Li per Lavazza

project: LOGO             
Client: LAVAZZA             
Year: 2007
Art director: Lorenzo Marini              
Lettering: Chen Li

Customer's request is the most important part of my work. Understanding human being and practical needs, it's a journey.

project: BRAND and wine label design                          
Client: Torraccia del Piantavigna             
Year: 2019 
Logo: Chen Li

ILLUSTRATIONS: handmade and digital

project: illustration for invitation                          
Client: Sonia Petrazzi                          
Year: 2020              
illustration: Chen Li

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