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Author of the title sequence of "Call me by your name" film by Luca Guadagnino, Chen Li is artist and calligrapher from China. She put calligraphy and contemporary art in her works. She told us about her career and how she became the person she is today and her concept of "perfection".
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Chen Li has rightfully earned her place in the long line of this fascinating tradition of oriental writing. Her adept juxtaposition of words, letters and images see the former transformed almost beyond recognition into pure signs, in an evocative extension of gesture. It is not by chance that she has sought inspiration in three great poets from the West, thus engendering a cross-continental dialogue and at once creating synergies that grow naturally in the field of artistic expression. The backbone of Chen Li’s work is the technical expertise that guides her gestures when creating space; this harmonises with her desire to communicate. Sometimes the individual words fade and disappear, testifying to the expressive dynamics that combine to form a symphony of colours charged with thoughts and sentiments. Just as with Giacomo Leopardi’s famous lirica, we are faced with a ‘blissful’ castaway. At the same time, we are reminded of Borges’ wonderful verses, where art is revealed through enigmas, drawing the viewer into a game of recollections and suggestions that come together in a harmonious denouement of forms and chromatic temperatures. \ Walter Guadagnini


Fondazione Prada | Accademia dei bambini | SEGNI - TRACCE - SCRITTURE from Fondazione Prada on Vimeo.
Segni tracce lettere is a project by Chen Li for Fondazione Prada, Accademia dei Bambini. A cycle of workshops about gesture and sign, 2017. This is the last step of the project: Chen Li and curator dr. Giannetta Ottilia Latis invited the other teachers, friends of Accademia dei Bambini to work together with her own tools, talking about their concept and the importance of sign in art and in life. Sign is the first step before you can do calligraphy. Sign is part of calligraphy. If you can't make a good sign, you can't make a good calligraphy. 

Chen Li, Maia Sambonet, Claude Marzotto, Massimo Sirelli
Video: Maicol Casale

courtesy: Accademia dei Bambini, Fondazione Prada


Lavazza Espression logo realized by Chen Li BRANDING AND CORPORATE IMAGE

Chen Li calligraphy for brand and logo design, advertising, packaging, publishing.

calligraphy and pen on paper by Chen LiCALLIGRAPHY

Chen Li calligraphy for advertising, publishing, bookjackets, calendar, logotypes, fashion, gala events, wedding. On request.

Call me by your name with the titles by Chen LiTITOLI PER FILM

Chen Li designed the calligraphy for the film by Luca Guadagnino "Call me by your name", 2018


Handwritten calligraphic envelope, brown inks and Chinese brushCALLIGRAPHY: HANDWRITTEN ENVELOPES

Chen Li calligraphy for envelopes (fashion, gala events, wedding). On request.
Chocolate Candies with custom calligraphic card CUSTOMIZED CALLIGRAPHIC SERVICES

Chen Li calligraphy for fashion, gala events, wedding. On request.

calligraphy for menus and seatcards on grey elegant wedding table MENUS AND SEAT CARDS: DESIGNED FOR YOU

Chen Li calligraphy for fashion, gala events, wedding.
Kylie Minogue and her handwritten orange Emilio Pucci invitation with my calligraphy FASHION INVITATIONS

Chen Li calligraphy for fashion, gala events, wedding. On request.

envelopes for fashion eventsHANDWRITTEN LETTER Chen Li calligraphy for fashion: invitations and envelopes. Elegant group of seatcards with a cursive calligraphy CUSTOM HANDWRITTEN SEAT CARDS Chen Li calligraphy for fashion: seat cards.
Handwritten titles for bookjacketsBOOKJACKET AND PUBLISHING Custom design and calligraphic styles for publishing and bookjackets.

CHEN LI 陈莉 is an artist who works with ART, CALLIGRAPHY, GRAPHIC DESIGN. She is active in TORINO and MILANO. Chen Li exhibited her works in Italy, Europe, USA, Asia in many international solo and group exhibitions.


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