CHEN LI - WORKS 1997-2014

Libreria Antiquaria Dentis, Torino

Solo exhibition by Chen Li

Libreria Antiquaria Dentis, Chen Li, Alberto Cottino

on the wall "Portrait of the artist as a man", digital print 4x2 m
Solo exhibition by Chen Li Solo exhibition by Chen Li: invitation, chinese version

"The graphic sign of Chen Li, ancient and modern at the same time, is "tactile", metamorphic, three-dimensional and interactive with the space. The important values are accepted elevating the spirit so the art of Chen Li has both aesthetical research and bring universal and civil ideals that make her one of the most interesting voice in contemporary art field." 

Solo art exhibition by Chen Li in the historical Bookshop Libreria Antiquaria Dentis. This exhibition collect the work of Chen Li since her first calligraphic works in the late 90's to the latest contemporary art projects in 2014.
Dario Paolo Dentis was the visionary curator. 
Opening friday December 12th 2014, from Monday to Saturday until 2015, January 31st. You will find the catalogue in gallery with an original art piece of work signed by the artist.



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