Cup of thoughts


Chen Li + Maria Teresa Frizzarin

Cup of thoughts is a joint work project of art by Chen Li, artist and calligrapher, and Maria Teresa Frizzarin, ceramic artist. Can matter meet calligraphy and bring a kind and silent message? The cup, offers an opportunity to become a medium of the word and at the same time changes the original poetic sense of the sentences. The cup becomes a metaphor, a place of appareance that can give a new meaning to the words themselves. The sentences speak of friendship, meetings and beauty.

"Pensieri in tazza" also presents other works by Chen Li and Maria Teresa Frizzarin over the last 10 years: handmade tile, plates, pottery, paintings.

Frizzarin learned ceramic art at the Faenza school for ceramic. She is teacher and works in social and art projects mostly in Italy and Schwitzerland.
Laboratorio Aquarius Ceramica Contemporanea
cortile del maglio,
via Vittorio Andreis 18 int. 18/e a Torino
fino al 23 dicembre 

ORARIO: dal lunedì al venerdì 12-19, sabato e domenica 10-19,30 


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